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Planting Native Plants = Save Some Dough

How come I’ve never thought about this before? Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on plants that may or may not get well established, how about plant our garden with native plants that have learned how to adapt and grow in our Missouri clayish ground? We want to be the best landscaper in Kearney, MO and that’s why every time we come across something cool, and pretty, and useful, we just have to share!

This past weekend, I’ve got to attend the Midwestern Beekeeping Association meeting at the Bass Pro Shop in Independence, MO and got to hear Tracy Twombly from Sow Wild Natives speak and present on native plants that are good for the bees.

The advantages of planting wild native plants are numerous but the surprising one was that native plants have deeper roots and that they help store carbon in the soil. Turns out that the trees and their leaves are not the only natural filtration for carbon! Additionally, native plants provide vital food and habitat for butterflies, birds, bees, and other wildlife. Especially in early Spring when the hives are ready to switch gears from their winter regiment and to move into their active frenzy of searching for food and building their families. Last but not least, with a crafted selection and some wise choosing, our gardens can become the largest national park in the world!

Yes, that’s right! Tracy’s resources are available at their website, including Garden Tours (sign up or it might be too late!), but I am going to find and buy the book Nature’s Best Hope by Douglas W. Tallamy – starting in my own backyard, planting native plants can help us establish hundreds of thousands of mini National Parks; full with native plants that are both beautiful and functional.

We love sharing good resources with our friends and clients. That’s why it was an easy decision to share this post and to put it out for all to see. We continue to strive and want to be the best landscaper in Kearney, MO and that can only happen when we approach every idea with an attitude of sharing. If you happen to go and visit Sow Wild Natives at their Noland Rd location in Kansas City, tell them Nasko from American Lawn sent you!

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