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Some may say that grass is boring, but we disagree! Ornamental grass can add a beautiful touch to any lawn or landscape. 

Maiden Grass
Little Bluestem

A fantastic choice for ornamental grass, the Little Bluestem is good as a stand-alone or in a group. It grows 2-4 feet in height and about 2 feet wide. It is very tolerant of soil conditions and temperature. Its leaves have a purplish tint but can also appear blue. This grass also loves as much sun as it can get.

The Maiden Grass is a wonderful grass to have in your landscape. It prefers medium-drained soil and can grow in both part shade and full sun. Its growing shape is more of a clump than a stick style (such as the Northwind Switch). It can grow anywhere from 3-7 feet in height and about 3-6 feet wide once fully grown. Its flowers are a reddish color when first starting out, but turn a silvery color when matured, offering beauty to look at all year.

This grass is a show-stopper! When it blooms late summer, its colors of pink and brown are sure to attract attention from anyone walking by; the smell of this grass is amazing during the blooming season. It grows to be 2-3 feet in height and width, and its blooms extend its height by an extra 20 inches! In fall its coloring will change to a golden brown and fade to a tan in winter. This grass does well in full sun.

Prarie Dropseed
Northwind Switch

This amazing grass is a beautiful choice for all seasons! It grows best in full sun, and tolerates most soil conditions, making this a very hardy grass! Its blades grow to about 3 feet high while its flowers grow an additional 3 feet higher than the blades. This grass is unique because it only grows about 2 feet wide! This grass is great as an accent or a border piece in your garden.

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This particular grass is among one of the most common grasses used today and for a good reason! It grows well in full sun, and is beautiful during all seasons! It prefers moist soil, but a unique feature of this grass is that it does well in clay-filled soil. It grows about 3 feet tall with its blooms reaching an additional 2 feet.

Karl Forester
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