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Welcome to the Perennial page! Perennials are amazing plants because they return year after year. No matter what you are looking for in your garden, a perennial is always a good choice. Down below you'll find our list on perennials we use with a picture and brief description of what that plant is. Enjoy!


Variegated Liriope

This is a beautiful, easy-to-care-for perennial. Its leaves are green with a yellow/cream stripe and when it blooms midsummer, vibrant purple flowers pop out of the greenery. This plant tends to grow 8-18 inches tall and is tolerant to full-sun, partial sun, or shade. Once established, this plant is drought-tolerant. A bonus for us Mid-Westerners, this particular plant is also one deer tend to avoid.

Patriot Hosta1.jpg

Hosta, Patriot

The Patriot Hosta is similar in many aspects (size, beauty, attractiveness, and toxicity) to the Guacamole Hosta, but differs in one major way. It does not need full protection from the sun but can still perform wonderfully in full shade. Due to its flexibility, it can be used in a wider variety of places.


Black Eyed Susan (Lil' Goldstar)

Some may confuse this plant with sunflowers, however the Black Eyed Susan is very different from the sunflower (the sunflower isn't a perennial). The beauty of this plant is that one plant often produces 80 or more blooms! The bright colors certainly add a pop to your landscape. This plant is also attractive to butterflies, and are deer and rabbit resistant. 


Lythrum (Loosestrife)

This plant is a multicolor joy to have in any garden. It produces blooms that are magenta, pink, or purple, so it is always a surprise to have. This plant in particular loves to be near ponds or rivers, and can thrive in full sun or part shade. It can grow anywhere between 2-4 feet tall, and roughly 22-24 inches wide. It produces seeds quickly, and you can enjoy this plant from early to late summer, possibly even into the fall!

Green Coral Bells.jpg

Green Coral Bells

This perennial is a beauty spring through fall with its leaves changing colors through the seasons. This plant is mound forming with its height getting up to 9 inches and roughly 15 inches wide. A unique feature about this plant is that during the late spring, spindles of blooms with shoot up about 25 inches in the air. This is what helps attract butterflies and hummingbirds! This plant thrives in dry shade when it is established and is tolerant to summer heat.


Hosta, Sum and Substance (Plantain Lily)

The Sum and Substance Hosta has its name for a reason: over time it will grow to an unbelievable size! Over the course of years it will grow to be 36 inches in height and almost 60 inches long! This Hosta performs best with full sun to part shade light. Similar to the two above it, it is also toxic to our pets, so do be aware! You can expect bright purple blooms in the summer that shoot above the foliage at about 44 inches tall.


Dwarf Coneflower (Pow-Wow series)

This is a wonderful addition to any garden or landscape! The color is something anyone would notice right off the bat, but this flower isn't for just outdoors! This particular perennial makes great table flowers to enjoy indoors as well. The Dwarf Coneflower loves as much sun as it can get, so make sure it will be able to get it! Butterflies, hummingbirds, and other creatures that pollinate are attracted to its blooms during the summer, and it is also deer resistant.


Hosta, Guacamole

This beautiful plant is fragrant and fashionable. This Hosta is an easy one to grow. Over time, this plant will grow to an amazing size: about 24 inches tall to 50 inches wide. It is best to grow this one in a shady place, however, as summer heat can damage the Guacamole Hosta. This plant attracts hummingbirds, but if you are a pet owner, please be warned that this plant is toxic to dogs, cats, and horses.


Persian Blue Catmint

The "Purrsain" Blue Catmint has a very clever name to go with its beauty. When the petals that bloom in the early summer are crushed, the fragrant scent that this perennial is known for permeates the space. This plant grows to about 14-18 inches in height, and attracts butterflies and hummingbirds (and keeps away deer and rabbits)! Full sun to part shade is where this thrives the best.


Lil Spires Russian Sage

This full-sun plant gives off amazing aromas during its bloom season, and adds a lovely splash of purple to the garden. It blooms midsummer to late fall, and can grow 14-24 inches in both height and width. As this variety is shorter than the common Russian Sage, it does not have an issue with falling over, and thus stands tall all season. If you love pollinators, this plant is for you! There also is no fear about deer or rabbit enjoying this plant as they definitely do not like it.

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