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About Us

Home of More Free Saturdays!

Over the years, we have refined our focus: "More Free Saturdays!"

We tell people all the time, "We are the landscape company that doesn't recommend landscape." What we mean is that we don't want to see extensive beds on all sides of the home, the owner not having ample time to maintain those beds. We want people to avoid the feeling of failing every time they pull into the driveway because the landscape is out of control! 

We want to design simple beds that use products that don't need constant care--we want to use plants that are easy-care. There are about 500 varieties of plants and bushes that work in this region of the country and we use about 50 of those: the 50 that perform well and are easy-care.


The biggest component of our company that sets us apart is our staff. These are fantastic, family-oriented individuals that enjoy the challenges each day brings, and they love seeing the drastic changes they make. They enjoy knowing the quality they install will last the customer for years. And their attitude is contagious! They care and are excited to provide fantastic solutions!

Natural Pond

Our Story

In 2018, we stopped long enough to do our landscape on our own home and after it was completed, it revealed something very interesting: We planted only ONE bush!

We set out trees in all sizes and shapes in strategic areas, built raised planters, perennial beds, "square-foot" gardens, flagstone walkways, extensive concrete edger paths... but only one bush! We realized that we wanted more free time and didn't want hedges to trim, hedges to trap leaves in the fall, or layers of bushes throughout.  All these years later, we are very grateful we landscaped it so simply.

Our Specialties

Dig Into What We Do!

We enjoy transforming a property into beautiful landscapes, and we have many ways we do that. The list below is what we are specialists in. These things separate us from other companies.

Meet The Team

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