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We are committed to planting trees (and other flora) that are native to Missouri. Planting trees that are not native to Missouri could cause harm to the ecosystem, and we want to avoid that! However, just because you choose a tree doesn't mean that it wouldn't add beauty to your oasis!


                                  Check out below to see what we have. 


Spring Snow Crabapple

This tree has white blossoms during the spring, green leaves in the summer, and turns a brilliant yellow in the fall.

black tulipo

Black Tupelo

This tree has small white-ish green blooms in the spring and produces fruit (very sour, but edible). In fall, this tree has an amazing orange and red hue. 

Swamp White Oak

Swamp White Oak

This amazing tree displays the classic fuzzy under-leaf with a bright green top during spring and summer, and a wide variety of warm colors during the fall.


Dogwood Constellation

This tree blooms large white blossoms in the spring and maintains a wonderful green all season long.


Redpointe Maple

This tree has small red blossoms in the spring and is known for its brilliant red color in the fall. 


Sunburst Locust

This tree has smaller, less-noticeable blooms in the spring, and has a bright yellow color in the fall. 


Serviceberry, Autumn Brilliance

This tree has white blooms in the spring and a brilliant red and orange color in the fall.

Autumn Blaze Maple

Autumn Blaze Maple

This tree has a wonderful, brilliant red shade in the fall, and a gorgeous green throughout the other seasons. 

ShadeMaster Locust

Shademaster Locust

Unlike the other trees, this one does not produce fruit or flowers. Instead, it is known for its green foliage and its yellow hue in the fall.

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