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Edging and Mulch

Edging and Mulch are just as important as the flowers and rock we put into a bed! Edging keeps everything from falling out and making a mess, and it helps prevent grass from growing where it shouldn't. Mulch helps prevent weeds from growing and making a beautiful bed become disastrous. 

Black Tube Edging

Black Tube Edging

This tubing is the classic solution to keeping everything in place. 



We have different colors of mulch but brown is a perfect choice for everyone. 

Brown Metal Edging

Metal Edging

If you're going for more straight lines than curves, metal edging may be for you. 


Aluminum Edging

For a good combination of straight lines and curves, aluminum edging is the perfect choice. 


Concrete Edging

Concrete edging is concrete blocks set on top of concrete for amazing lines. 

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