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Fellow Landscapers Blog: Retaining Walls

Hello Fellow Landscapers!

Today I wanted to talk about retaining walls. The types of walls that you can do are endless. However, there are two major types of retaining walls that we install. We either install wooden retaining walls made of architectural timbers or we make block retaining walls. This is where the options come in.

There are many different types, colors, and sizes of stone that you can use. The stone retaining walls that we install last for about 50 years and the architectural timber walls last for about 25 years. Many of our customers are installing retaining walls because the old wall is failing or because they have an area in their yard that is too much of a slope and is very hard or impossible to mow. Here I will include pictures of stone and timber walls that we have built.

There are tricks and specifics but we can’t tell you all in a blog post! Call our office and we can help you plan and give you ideas for possibilities and scenarios. Best of all, don’t hurt your back and let our skillful crews do the project for you!

We are always one phone call away or one one click of your email programs! You can also find us on Google Maps and/or from our Google Listing – search as under American Lawn and Landscape Kearney MO. American Lawn and Landscape serves the greater Northland Area of KCMO and we provide full landscape services, including drainage, irrigation, custom build patios and outdoor living spaces. Our team of dedicated landscape professionals is available to serve you and provide you with an excellent service. When we have happy clients, we are happy landscapers!

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