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Fellow Landscapers Blog: Patios

Hello Fellow Landscapers!

The way that we like to install Patios is on a concrete base. When spending thousands of dollars on a landscaping project like a patio we do not want it to settle in a few years. We have found the best results from putting down a 4 inch concrete base before installing patio pavers.

Some companies install patios on a base of sand but we have found that this tends to settle in a few years. We want your patio to withstand the test of time.

We are always one phone call away or one one click of your email programs! You can also find us on Google Maps and/or from our Google Listing – search as under American Lawn and Landscape Kearney MO. American Lawn and Landscape serves the greater Northland Area of KCMO and we provide full landscape services, including drainage, irrigation, custom build patios and outdoor living spaces. Our team of dedicated landscape professionals is available to serve you and provide you with an excellent service. When we have happy clients, we are happy landscapers!

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