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Fellow Landscapers Blog: Flagstones

Hello Fellow Landscapers!

Over the years we have installed several flagstone pathways. They are excellent pieces to connect landscapes or get you from your back door to your garage door. We have installed them in grass, mulch, and pea gravel.

One of my favorite flagstone pathways that we installed was in mulch in a secret garden. It led from the side yard to the back yard. It twisted through pines and hydrangea bushes. The backyard was so shaded that the grass would not grow. This made for a very muddy part of the landscape. The flagstone path and mulch eliminated the mud issue and gave the homeowner a beautiful and functional walking path.

Spring is just around the corner and this is a great time to look around your property. We are available to meet for free consultation and would provide our clients an itemized estimate, giving them the options of picking and choosing the right mix and amount of project they would like to do.

We are always one phone call away or one one click of your email programs! You can also find us on Google Maps and/or from our Google Listing – search as under American Lawn and Landscape Kearney MO. American Lawn and Landscape serves the greater Northland Area of KCMO and we provide full landscape services, including drainage, irrigation, custom build patios and outdoor living spaces. Our team of dedicated landscape professionals is available to serve you and provide you with an excellent service. When we have happy clients, we are happy landscapers!

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