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Blog: Landscape Apprentice Lesson #4

Pruning gives me the shivers! Honestly… what if I cut something that needs to stay? How much will I have to pay from my next paycheck so we can replace the shrub that I just destroyed? What if the plant doesn’t grow because I took its main live artery of flowing life-sustaining juices? Arrrrrrgggggghhhhhh…

Over the past few weeks, we’ve done quite a few jobs that we usually do in Spring time: Spring cleaning involves pruning. Pruning, trimming, cutting down, all of this boils down to two things. One, we remove dead branches and shoots; and, two, we help the plants prepare for healthy grow in the new growing season.

So, with all my trepidation and wondering, I learned my lesson: follow instructions and ask questions. As with most anything in life (unless you were born as the next super Einstein kid who knows how to play Mozzart’s No. 15 in B-Flat Major K. 450 when you were two years old!), practice makes perfect. However, anytime I’m in doubt, I pick up the phone, ask questions, and follow instructions.

Here’s a great resource that you can use for your trimming jobs during this season and throughout the year: What to Prune When in Your Garden for the Healthiest Plants (from Better Homes & Gardens). I may have to print the slides and put them under my pillow. Maybe this will help me next time I have to trim on a weeping willow tree…



~Nasko D. Lazarov, along with my K9 Landscaper, Murry



#LandscapeApprentice #LandscapeKearneyMO #LandscapeLibteryMO #LandscapeKCMO #NaskoLazarov

#LandscapeKCMO #LandscapeLibertyMO #LandscapeApprentice #LandscapeKearneyMO #NaskoLazarov

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