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Blog: Landscape Apprentice Lesson #3

Life is powerful. Look at this…


I saw this at my garage door and it grabbed my attention. This week, one of the projects I had was cementing 4×4 posts for a future deck. The cement was hardened, super hard, in about a day, probably less than a day. In 28 days, a bag of cement, mixed with the right amount of water, will harden to withstand 4,000 lbs of weight over a square inch. Imagine that, imagine the power of cement: two tons of weight on top of space one inch by one inch! And yet, this unidentified green piece of flora has found its way through the cracks of the cement. It’s like waiving its chlorophyll-filled little leafs and telling the whole world, “hey, I am here… I am full of life… and the cement can’t stop me!”

Not a major lesson in landscaping, except to tell you that there are way to protect your cement and patios from unwanted flora, but something that made me think about the power of life. Few simple thoughts like…

  1. life will find a way

  2. life is creative

  3. life is unstoppable (unless you find a way to kill it)

  4. life is beautiful

  5. life is a blessing

  6. life is powerful

In the midst of tumultuous times, when our thoughts and hearts could be preoccupied with everything else but life, may we all find encouragement and strength in knowing that life will find a way and that life is powerful.

May we all live, and act, and speak in a way that brings life to those around us. Don’t be like the cement, be like the chlorophyllious plant.


Nasko D. Lazarov and his dog, Murry

P.S. Unless your lawn needs some weed control. We can help you with that! Just call us… you know where to find us!


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in The Landscape Apprentice blog represent the personal views and opinions of the author of the blog and do not represent an official policy or position of American Lawn & Landscape and its owners.

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