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Blog: Landscape Apprentice Lesson #2

How much “too close for comfort” is too close? Well, it depends on the object. For golfers, it’s never close enough. For friends, it depends in how much garlic one had. For landscapers, just stay away from cables!

This week, I had a simple project of shrub trimming and some Spring cleaning. Cut down rose bushes, trim down perennials, rake and remove leaves. It all was going well until I got to trim some pesky liriopes. It also goes by liliturf and monkey grass. We basically cut it down to about half an inch from the ground. It will regrow and get back to being pesky in a hurry.

I got to trim and trim and trim but when I saw a 12V wires for the customer’s front yard flower bed lights, I thought that my big mechanical trimmers will do just fine around the wires. Nope. I got too close for comfort! You can see the result from the pic…

It turned out that there is such a thing as getting too close! The problem, however, was something else. Sure, repairing the wires will take another visit (I didn’t bring my electrical kit!) but the issue was that I was already in a hurry.

You can’t do gardening in a hurry. You could speed things up by digging faster, moving at a brisker pace, and take more things in your hands when you move supplies but be careful. Your hurry may cost you time and repairing wires.

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