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Our Focus: More Free Saturdays by Design


Here at American Lawn, we pride ourselves on our hard work, providing you with More Free Saturdays! Click below for some of what we do!

About American Lawn and Landscape

Welcome to the Home of More Free Saturdays!

Here at American Lawn and Landscape, we believe in creating a landscape that doesn't require landscaping! Why create an elaborate landscape if you won't be able to maintain it properly and give the time it requires? Yes, we believe in curves and beauty, but we also believe in functionality that gives you more time on weekends to spend with family, friends, and to do fun things!

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About Us

Welcome to the Home of More Free Saturdays!

American Lawn and Landscape, Inc. is a trusted, family-owned company that services the Kearney, Missouri area. We have been in business since 1994 and have a fantastic client-base that we really enjoy. We design and build all types of landscape projects, and our designs are focused on creating low maintenance, clean-looking landscapes.  A big portion of our business is focused on drainage solutions for foundations. We use innovative ideas and practices to meet and exceed the expectation of our clients, using the same diligence and care that we would expect at our own home. American Lawn is licensed and insured.

We strive to be the best landscapers in Kearney, Missouri, and to the surrounding areas!

If you are interested in commercial or residential landscaping, please contact us today for your free design consultation or browse our website to learn more about how American Lawn and Landscape can give you the look you want.

Our Service Area

We are located in Kearney, Missouri, off of Jessie James Road. Check out our Service Areas below to see if we work in your area!



Kansas City (North of the River)




  • Liberty

  • Mosby

  • Plattsburgh

  • Pleasant Valley

  • Smithville

  • Trimble

We also work with HOAs and Construction companies! Give us a call or contact us to schedule your free consultation! 



"Dan and Ethan are awesome to work with! Great vision and execution. I have been using them for years, first in my business and now at my home. They have done 2 major projects that turned out spectacular for my home! High quality people and a great company!"

Jack Z.

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