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Municipal Tree Planting

Municipal tree planting is something we have done heavily every year since 2008. We first worked with municipalities to create a plant palette of trees that will serve their community. We focus on clean, easy-keeper trees that are sustainable in the harsh environments of the streetscape. Once the plant palette has been established, we prepare a survey of the areas that need trees, including the areas where trees will be removed heavily. 


At planting, we GIS tag those trees so the municipality has a record of the planting date, variety, cultivar, size, and picture of the planting.


We stay at the top of our industry through continuing education, working with the top Landscape Architects to find the best, strongest cultivars (and the best growers). Here is a sneak peek into Landscape Architect Robert Whitman's favorite plants:

The Tree List: Kansas City | Multistudio

Check out our YouTube video! We have great videos on a whole bunch of topics; but in this video, our guys talk about why we like to plant trees during late fall!

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Check out our Video! 
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