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Gutter Solutions

Drainage around your building or home is very important. Gutters dump water just outside your basement and surface grades can change causing water to pool right next to your foundation. When this happens, it is only a matter of time until water enters your basement. 


We often recommend collecting water from gutters that accumulate in flat areas and taking that water to areas with a great slope to carry it away from your home.


Additionally, we may recommend creating a “dry zone” around your structure so water drains away and into a buried pipe that will take the water away from your foundation.


Many of the calls we receive are from homeowners that are getting water in their basements. This is almost always caused by outdoor water and, in most cases, could be resolved by making sure all water around the foundation flows away. 90% of the time, there is an area near the foundation that allows water to accumulate and to sit next to the foundation of the building.

Regrading surface landscape and turf areas will allow water to naturally flow away from your house. Collecting gutter water and releasing it 15 feet from your house often makes a drastic difference as the grades at 15 feet from the house are generally much lower and allow water to continue its natural flow away.


Since 1993, American Lawn & Landscape has provided full services for its customers and their landscape needs, including proper drainage. We provide drainage solutions that give a proper flow of water away from the main building structures.

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