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Tackle That Landscape & Let Us Help You

Spring is around the corner and this is the perfect time for you to learn some more about landscaping. I want to have my house and property look nice but a lot of times the question is how to do that. We want to be the best landscaper in Kearney, MO and are not afraid of sharing information or secrets with our clients and friends. We hope this post will give you some ideas.

Start with your vision. Go back to being a child, take the crayons out and the sketching paper and just draw. Make a sketch – you can erase and start over, it will be easier than replanting trees or moving big shrubs later. Your next consideration should be getting a good grip on the issue and difference between annual and perennial. Learn what plants, flowers, shrubs, bushes, etc. will grow best in your area – you can use the tools at for a quick check for your ZIP code and use the hardiness zone for selecting/choosing plants. Consider, too, the season you will launch and execute your landscape project – you don’t want to do a patio in December when it’s snowing and 25F with and it feels like 5F!

NOTE: the English have a saying, “I am not that rich to buy cheap” – keep that in mind when selecting and buying materials. A higher quality product may cost you a few extra dollars but it will give you more value and for a longer time. Ask us for connections to local stores and suppliers, if you don’t know where to start or if you are looking for specialized materials and supplies.

Irrigation and watering around Kansas City and in the mid-west is much left to Mother Nature but it will be worth every penny if you use drip irrigation to water your plants and shrubs. The system is easy to install and it will provide your plants with a consistent supply of water. You will also see better numbers on your water bill each month during the active watering months of the year.

NOTE: We provide free-of-charge estimates and would come out to see your project and ideas. We do that with the hope and expectation that you will hire us for your projects but if you just need ideas and a quick consultation, while not being sure you will hire us, tell us at the time of setting the appointment and we would still like to consult you for a small fee.

Your project may not need the best landscaper in Kearney, MO and you could approach your project as Weekend DYI Project. However, you can avoid some expensive mistake later if you get a professional consultation. We can provide you with specific ideas for plants, how much space they will take, how they grow and change colors, what can you do for your soil, the options for edging are endless, the designs of patios are only matched by the number of the stars in the Galaxy of Absalom – when we meet and talk, we can give you a lot more ideas than what you can get from just browsing Pinterest.

When you think about your ongoing lawn care, leave behind some of the clipped grass while mowing your yard. The grass clippings will provide nutrients to your yard, so the lawn will be in less need of fertilizer. If your HOA won’t frown on you, leave your dandelions in place – they are considered weeds by many but the truth is that if they grow, this means that your soil needs some nutrients and those little pesky yellow guys can do a great job for that. Here’s a great resource to read more about the dandelions.

When planning your landscape, think about all four seasons. Look for plants that bloom at different times. Research plans for what will turn your place beautiful all throughout the year. Also, think about plants are native and have much better chance of growing and thriving in our mid-western climate than “foreign” plants. You will be also spending less time and money for upkeep of native plants. For specific things that you can do each month, take a look at this great resource from our friends from the Missouri Botanical Gardens.

If you end up doing a project on your own, send us some pictures! We would love to see them and will post them here for the whole world to see!

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